Migos Dish on Their Champ Sports Collab & Cooking Up Studio Gold

Migos are undoubtedly one of Atlanta’s most popular global exports at the moment. Following the release of their sophomore album, Culture, which introduced the world to the swaggeringly infectious single, “Bad and Boujee,” they have indeed become synonymous with pushing the dial of pop culture forward. Never without flavor, the trio of blood relatives have also been testing the waters of branded partnerships and endorsements.

Their latest effort sees them joining forces with NFL player Julio Jones, Champs Sports and Under Armour on a new campaign called “The Moment.” Though it’s the brainchild of Champs, the campaign is more of a creative collaboration that allows athletes to tell their success stories in a short video accompanied by an original musician-backed soundtrack. The first two videos featured Brandon Marshall and T.I.; the second, Dak Prescod and Desiigner. The latest is of course Migos and Julio Jones.

Take a look at the video below and check out Migos’ hilarious Under Armour endorsement below.

What’s happening?

What’s up? It’s the Migos! Quavo, Takeoff, Offset. Yeah!

Before we get started, how’d you guys decide on your names?

Quavo: Quavo is from my real name, Quavious.

Take Off: I take off, you know? Like a rocket – jet fuel!

Offset: See I was always a little off, so I’m Offset, you know what I’m saying? I pull up in the coupe with the off-set, I’m Offset.

Quavo: He’d never show up on the set – he was always off the set.

Ready for some questions?

Bring them on!

How’d you end up partnering with Champs Sports and Under Armour?

‘Cause we all champions! Ya dig?

Word, so what’s been the best thing about the partnership?

The fact that they treat us like family, and we like the shoes. Matter of fact, we love the shoes. That ThreadBorne technology? Woooo! So smooth.

What else do you love about the shoes?

The shoes make you get loose. They got the flavor and most shoes with the flavor don’t have the comfort. Under Armour got the comfort with the flavor. See, you can put their shoes with any outfit and it’s not boring. They’re also not just athletic, you see what we’re saying? Yo, rain drop, drop top, shoes feel like a L stop!

Let’s pivot to the music really quickly – what do you think your album means to ‘the culture?’

We paved the way for the culture. We lead the culture. We created the culture. When they’re lost, we let them know where to go. We put down the flavor, you know?

The culture was lacking when we came in the game. The game needed the Migos. The game needed us. They were missing a little something. You know when you’re cooking in the kitchen and you’re missing that seasoning, you know that right recipe, that ingredient to make the entrée perfect?

Speaking of kitchen, what are you guys cooking up these days?

Our kitchen is the studio so we’ve been cooking up that music. You know, that flow that you love to hear, that three-way collaboration from the best of the best of the best! That’s what we call the kitchen, that’s what we like to put in that crock pot. You put Offset, Takeoff, Quavo in the crock pot? Ooooooo!

Don’t get it twisted, we show up in the kitchen for the ladies too, you know? We can whip on the stove, make you a nice little entrée if you like.

How was working with Julio Jones? Why do you think collaborations between artists, athletes and brands are important?

It’s important because we’re all influencers. We influence the youth and we influence the world with what we do. Athletes and musician paint a certain picture of life for young people.

As far as Julio Jones, we’ve had a relationship with him for awhile – that’s our brother. Under Armour is just bringing brothers together for good vibes. We’re just doing what champions do ’cause we are the champs!

How do you think fans will like the ThreadBorne Shift shoe? I know you guys are huge fans of the ThreadBorne technology…

We’re the underdogs. We’ve always been the underdogs coming up. We feel like we have to show the world what we can do and that we can bring different things to the table. Under Armour is the same – they’ve been an underdog in the fashion world. The new stuff is changing that – it’s going to hit the young fashion icons with something a little different. Let’s just see what it do! Just wait on it!